The Schedule for the Competition is as follows:

Competition Procedure

  1. Team Registration & Proposal Submission (1st Sep’16)
    1. All the participating teams need to register online on the website. All the documents mentioned on the website need to submit compulsorily without which registration would be incomplete. Registration will be closed after 1st Sep’16.
    2. The following documents shall be submitted:
      1. Project Abstract and design Proposal shall be of about 2000 words in PDF format. Teams can even use diagrams and mechanical drawings for explaining their proposal. Extra Pages may be added for Drawings and sketches (1 MB Max).
      2. Bill of material with approximate budget in PDF Format (1 MB Max).
      3. Presentation of Proposal in PDF format (6 MB Max)
      4. Declaration document as mentioned in the template in PDF Format (1 MB Max)
  2. Review of the Submitted Proposal by the OC – (1st Sep’16 – 15th Sep’16).
  3. Top 35 Teams will be notified through mail regarding their selection on 15th Sep’16.
  4. Dispatch of FA components to the institute of selected team by last week of sep’16.
  5. Preparation of Model (Oct’16 to Feb’17): Selected Teams will prepare the models based upon their proposal. The teams will be able to approach MEI FA centre for any technical assistance or training on FA products. The training/technical assistance on FA product to the selected teams will be free of cost. The Schedule of training will be as per the convenience of concerned FA centre. The FA Centre details are provided in the contact page on the website.
  6. Submission of Progress Report (on or before 15th Dec’16): The Selected Teams will have to submit an intermediate report including pictures of the actual model in PDF format in not more than 5 A4 pages. They will also need to submit a video clip of minimum 30 sec. and maximum 60 sec. (max. 5 MB in avi/wmv format only) displaying the actual model.
  7. Submission of Final Video (on or before 10th Feb’17): The teams need to submit the video of working model (with max. size of 8 MB in avi/wmv format only). Teams should ensure that the quality of video is good enough for evaluation of the model.
  8. Final Competition (17th – 18th Feb, 2017):
    1. Teams can carry or send their model to the venue. They can send the Model on or before 16th Feb’17.
    2. Upon arrival, the teams will have to register their participation.
    3. The teams will get access to venue from 9 am, 16th Feb’17 for installation and trials.
    4. Basic Knowledge Test on 16th Feb’17 from 4 pm -5 pm
    5. Exhibition of Model on 17th - 18th Feb’17 from 10 am onwards
    6. Defence Session on 17th - 18th Feb’17. Please prepare for the question-and-defence session. This Session include 5 minutes for PowerPoint presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A.
    7. Evaluation by the judges on both days 17th - 18th Feb’17
    8. Prize Distribution Ceremony on 18th Feb’17, 3 pm onwards

    The detailed Agenda for the Competition will be shared on 16th Feb’17 with participants.

Proposal Selection Procedure:

The Following selection procedure will be implemented for selecting top 35 teams from the received proposals:

  1. Proposition & Design (20 marks)
    • Innovation Quotient (10 marks) – Will be measured on the Innovativeness of the proposal highlighting how the proposed solution addresses the theme - “Intelligent Manufacturing for Greener Tomorrow”
    • Technical Complexity (10 marks) - complexity of the process being addressed in the proposal.
  2. Quality of work (20 marks)
    • A well-documented proposal having detailed description of process being addressed, the importance of the process and proposed solution.
    • Feasibility of proposal realizable within the Competition duration and commercial viability.
  3. e&eco-F@ctory Concept (10 marks)
    • The proposals addressing the concept of e&eco-F@ctory.


  1. The aesthetic design of the final model is expected from the participants.
  2. The Electrical wiring of the models/projects should be as per the Industry Standards. This includes Isolation of Power Supply, wire termination block, use of conduit and proper routing of wires, Use of MCBs’, Safety Barriers and other standard procedures as used in the industry.
  3. Emergency Stop Switch is compulsory in the model. Teams without emergency switch will not be allowed to participate in the competition.
  4. Workmanship of the mechanical components and model shall be as per the Industry standard.
  5. If any liquid is used in the model for prototyping of the concept, then the model should be leak-proof. Any leaking or spilling of the liquid shall lead to cancellation of participation.
  6. Use of “Mitsubishi Electric” Logo on the model or any other document can only be done after the consent from the respective mentors from Mitsubishi Electric for Training of the participants.
  7. External Dimension and Overall Weight of the Model:
        Minimum dimension       : 0.5 m x 0.5 m x0.5 (WxHxD)
        Maximum dimension      : 1.5 m x 1.5 m x 1.5 m (WxHxD)
        Maximum weight             : 100 Kg (excluding FA components from MEI)

Team Formation

Participating Institutes can decide the team from various streams of UG & PG like Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Electrical, Computers etc. with below criteria:

Maximum No. of member: Four Students (UG + PG)

Maximum No. of PG students per team: One

Faculty Adviser: 1 No.

Role of Faculty Adviser: He/she will be advising the team for selection of model, objective of model, etc. and will act as a general guide throughout of competition. He/she will not be involved directly for any programming, hardware wiring and fabrication or similar task since these are supposed to be done by the students.


College of Engineering (COEP),

Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005, Maharashtra, India


There is no registration Fee for this competition.
Only online registration through Mitsubishi Electric Cup portal:

Participating team has to submit all required documents with all necessary information, proposal documents and declaration form duly approved by signing authority of concern institute. Incomplete registration will not be accepted.

Online Registration will be closed after 1st Sept 2016.