Mitsubishi Electric Hits the Road with Sophisticated Factory Automation Tech to Empower Industries

Mitsubishi Electric has literally set into motion its latest offering in high tech factory automation and switchgear products for India. The ‘Empowering Express’, a 7-tonne 16 wheeler behemoth is a virtual industrial showroom-on-wheels bristling with technology , fresh from the land of the rising sun. Flagged off at the Maruti Suzuki plant in Gurgaon, the mobile industrial showroom will travel to over 50 cities across the country with stopovers at major industrial hubs. The ‘Empowering Express’ will carry and display a variety of factory automation equipment for managing simple to complex applications in various sectors like packaging, textiles, automotive, printing and plastic. Small, medium and even large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) would be able to view and select from a wide range of technology like Programmable logic controllers (PLCs), Human Manual Interfaces, (HMI), Inverters, Servo motors, robots and control gear systems. Mr. Masayuki Kamiya , Executive Officer Production , Maruti Suzuki India, present at the occasion inaugurated ‘The Empowering Express’. Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Shinji Yamabe, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric India said “We have decided to take our technology right up to the doorstep of customers. We want them to see and experience first-hand how our technology can help them to cut costs, speed up processes and increase productivity.” Also commenting specifically about the applications in the automotive sector, Mr. M. M. Singh, COO, Maruti Suzuki India, said, “With increasing consumer demand for quality and choice, vehicle manufacturer’s today deal with issues like shorter product life cycles, increasingly stringent environmental and safety standards and fierce global competition. To manage this we have to keep upgrading our technology on the shop floor and raising the bar for factory engineering continuously. Mitsubishi Electric’s road show will help us in staying abreast of the latest in automotive plant engineering.” Of particular interest is the F-series SCARA robot with 3 to 20 Kg payload capacities and articulated robots offering 2 to 20 Kg payload capacities. Depending upon the model selected, improvements over previous models include increased operating speed, increased Z-axis speed, stronger wrist axis, and wider operating range. Offered in both vertical and horizontal configurations, F-Series robots are particularly well suited for material handling, machine tending, assembly, picking, packing, kitting, dispensing, inspection, and other complex applications.

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