Ceiling Suspended Type

Designed for ultra-quiet operation and easy maintenance, provides exceptionally comfortable air-conditioning.

Extra Slim, Extra Stylish

Sleek and slim with stylishly curved lines, the PCFY series blends right into any interior. It also features a single air outlet which allows the auto vane to act as a shutter when the unit is turned off.

Auto vane distributes air evenly

The auto vane swings up and down automatically to distribute air more evenly to every corner of the room.

Long life filter as standard

Long life filter is equipped as standard enabling up to 2,500 hours of operation (office use) without maintenance.

Keeps airflow at optimum level according to ceiling height

The most suitable airflow can be selected for ceilings up to 4.2m high, enhancing air-conditioning efficiency and coomrt.f (P100/P125)

Greatly Simplified Installation

The direct suspension system eliminates the task of removing the attachment fixture from the main unit, greatly shortening installation time.

Drain pump option available with all models

The pumping height of the optional drain pump has been increased from 400 mm to 600 mm, expanding flexibility in choosing unit location during installation work.

Outside-air intake

Units are equipped with a knock-out hole that enables the induction of fresh outsideair.

Equipped with automatic air-speed adjustment

In addition to the conventional 4-speed setting, units are now equipped with and automatic air-speed adjustment mode. This setting automatically adjusts the air-speed to conditions that match the room environment. At the start of heating/cooling operation, the airflow is set to high-speed to quickly heat/cool the room. When the room temperature reaches the desired setting, the airflow speed is decreased automatically for stable comfortable heating/cooling operation



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