E80 Series

New CNC best suited to simple lathes/milling machines

The CNC E80 Series boasts drastic improvements in performance and a higher accuracy than ever before. The simple and easy-to-use E80 Series helps in achieving a greater cost performance, and fits best with simple machine configurations.

Drastic improvements in performance CNC-dedicated CPU

With Mitsubishi Electric's high-speed CNC-dedicated CPU, the E80 Series reduces cycle times due to a higher program and PLC processing capability. Higher optical communication speeds between the CNC and drive acheive higher accuracy in machining.

Models for various machine configurations TypeA/TypeB

TypeA and TypeB models are available for both machining centers and lathes. Select the model with the specifications that suit the machine configuration best. [Machining center system] TypeB supports machines with up to 3 axes. TypeA supports the setup of a rotary table. [Lathe system] TypeB controls 3 feed axes and 2 spindles as standard. Select TypeA for configurations that have a maximum of 3 spindles such as compound lathes.

Leading design Display Units and Keyboards

The E80 Series adopts the M800/M80 Series design. The display unit and keyboard are only 9.5 mm thick, and their flat profile opens up new possibilities for machine design. There are 2 types of keyboard layouts, one for lathes and the other for milling.


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