Mitsubishi Electric's new range of air conditioners for the Indian market boasts of advanced technologies and features: September 1, 2017, Gurgaon

Room Air Conditioner: MSY/MUY-GN Series

Mitsubishi Electric launched its new range of air conditioners titled Mr. Slim in the Indian market recently. The air conditioners use a new, cutting-edge Advanced Inverter Technology along with Dual Barrier Coating that protects the air conditioners, so that they are able to operate efficiently. The new range comes with a special qualification of coating material that helps reduce the accumulation of dust and oil mist that are mixed in the air. This helps
in reducing the causes of odour emanating from the air conditioners and also lessens the load of cleaning them often.
These facts gave Mitsubishi Electric an edge over its competitors and the consultants approved its make. The order will be executed in six phases.

Package Air Conditioner: PEY-SP Series

Mitsubishi’s Electric latest range of thin Ceiling-concealed indoor units of the PEY-SP Series are the perfect answer for air-conditioning requirements in buildings that have minimum ceiling installation space and wide ranging external static pressure. This range of air conditioners comes with an improved Energy Saving Efficiency which leads to a reduction in electricity consumption and contributes to a further reduction in the operating costs.

PE-P Series

Another similar range of air conditioners -- the R410A Cooling Only Fixed Speed Ceiling Concealed PE-P series -- also come with similar features as the PEY-SP Series. They too are an excellent option for air-conditioning requirements in buildings that have a very low ceiling installation space and wide ranging external static pressure.

City Multi VRF Air Conditioner: PUMY-CP Series

Mitsubishi Electric’s next offering in its bouquet of new air conditioners is the City Multi PUMY-CP Series, Light Weight and Compact Design. These are compact enough to fit into the narrow outdoor unit spaces of condominiums and offices. The light weight design and external static pressure of 30Pa allows their outdoor units to be installed in balconies, in high rise building or spaces near louvers.
This new inverter technology has made it possible for units to operate at Outdoor Air Temperatures as high as 52 degree Celsius. The Noise level can be reduced up to 10dB(A), which allows the unit to operate during the night in a residential zone.

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