Powerful Dry - Dye-Sublimation Photo Finishing System

Completely chemical-free, professional quality, photo-processing system

DPS Kiosk 7000

Completely chemical-free

Instant Digital Photofinishing at an Affordable Price

Mitsubishi’s DPS Kiosk 7000 gives retail customers the ability to create dazzling photos in just seconds. An exceptionally compact system, the DPS Kiosk 7000 can be mounted on a countertop, a slim pedestal base, or an optional premium cabinet. The kiosk features a wide range of high performance capabilities including network capability, multiple printer hookups, Bluetooth® and infrared wireless compatibility, multiple print size options, index printing, and the ability to accept prepaid cards. Plus, it easily integrates with Mitsubishi Kiosk Gifts to help customers transform any photo into a work of art. Mitsubishi’s DPS Kiosk 7000 leverages the power of digital photofinishing to keep your customers coming back again and again.

Advanced, Fully Featured Photofinishing System

  • Customers follow simple step-by-step instructions on the large, user-friendly touch screen to create beautiful images
  • Superior performance and exceptional reliability keeps customers happy and eliminates time-consuming maintenance
  • Customers can make high quality, professional quality prints in a matter of seconds using a wide range of editing and enhancement options

Dynamic Digital Printer Options

  • Mitsubishi’s CP-3800DW, CP-9550DW-U, and CP-9800DW-U digital color photo printers complement the system with astonishing resolution, clarity and color accuracy
  • Each Mitsubishi printer provides the utmost in quality and long-lasting reliability
  • Provides customers with a full-variety of print size options

Kiosk Gifts Integration

Mitsubishi’s Kiosk Gifts is a line of high-quality photo albums, calendars, and other photo gift products for retail that can be customized using Mitsubishi’s photo editing software, the Kiosk Gift System, included with the DPS Kiosk 7000. Customers purchase photo gifts products and easily customize them at the kiosk or online at using a variety of included instant development, frame design and editing options and then print instantly in-store. Mitsubishi Kiosk Gifts offers the retailer a unique opportunity to generate more photo-processing revenue and provides customers high-quality photo sharing solutions.

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