Revenue-Generating Kiosk System for Retailers

Stand-alone, or a compliment to any existing photo system.

Mini Photo Book Maker

Revenue-Generating Kiosk System for Retailers

Convenience for Your Customers, Profit for Your Business

Mitsubishi’s Mini Photobook Maker is a revenue-generating, dye-sublimation kiosk system for retail venues that lets customers create and print their own pocket-sized, mini photobooks using their photos directly from Facebook or a memory device in about 5 minutes! Designed to be an add-on service for retailers who want to expand their counter services, the Mini Photobook Maker touch screen kiosk leads retail customers through three easy steps to quickly design a mini photobook, consisting of 10 to 30 pages, using a variety of provided layouts and themes.

The kiosk system is completely automatic. Once the customer’s order has been confirmed, the Mini Photobook Maker takes about 5 minutes to print and assemble a high-quality, mini photobook. Plus, the system easily integrates with Mitsubishi Kiosk Gifts to help customers transform any photo into a work of art. Mitsubishi’s dry process, dye-sublimation Mini Photobook Maker can function as a standalone service, a processor for a powerful Mitsubishi Flexilab, customizable minilab or be a profitable compliment to any existing photo processing system.

For Your Customers

  • Custom photo albums in 3 easy steps
  • Ready in just 5 minutes
  • A wide range of backgrounds, theme design, and layout options
  • Choose 10-30 pages per album
  • Instant albums printed in just 5 minutes
  • Download images directly from personal Facebook account
  • High-quality, long-lasting photo prints that are easy to share

Perfect for Consumers: Family moments, vacations, celebrations, holidays, and so much more!

Valuable for Commercial Use: School events, product catalogs, real estate catalogs, portfolios, etc.

Increase Revenue

  • Boost your business – Attract new customers
  • Attractive self-service convenience – No operator required
  • High-margin product = high profitability
  • Excellent return on investment potential

Kiosk Gifts Integration

Mitsubishi’s Kiosk Gifts is a line of high-quality photo albums, calendars, and other photo gift products for retail that can be customized using Mitsubishi’s photo editing software, the Kiosk Gift System, included with the DPS Kiosk 7000. Customers purchase photo gifts products and easily customize them at the kiosk or online at using a variety of included instant development, frame design and editing options and then print instantly in-store. Mitsubishi Kiosk Gifts offers the retailer a unique opportunity to generate more photo-processing revenue and provides customers high-quality photo sharing solutions.

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