Cooling Planet

Mitsubishi Electric larger format exclusive showroom “MEQ Cooling Planet” gives an experiential touch and feel of wide range of Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner’s product which includes Room Air Conditioner, City Multi VRF systems, Jet Towels and Air Curtains.
As of 31st Mar’17 Mitsubishi Electric has opened 13 MEQ Cooling Planet (s), exclusive showrooms across the country and keen to expand in coming years.
To locate your nearest Cooling Planet browse through MEQ Cooling Planet Locator.

MEQ Hiroba

Mitsubishi Electric is proud to own the concept of “MEQ Hiroba”. These are the exclusive showrooms for display and sales of Mitsubishi Electric Air-conditioning products. These showrooms encourage the residential and commercial customers to have a touch and feel of Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioners. These showrooms display the entire range of Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioners which includes room air-conditioners, packaged air-conditioners, City Multi VRF systems and Jet Towels. As of 31st Mar’17, Mitsubishi Electric has opened 65 MEQ Hiroba(s) across the country and many more yet to come. To locate your nearest Hiroba, browse through our MEQ Hiroba locator.

Authorised Dealers

Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioners are available through many outlets across the country. These outlets are authorised to sell the entire range of air conditioning products which include room air-conditioners,packaged air-conditioners,City Multi VRF systems and Jet Towels.Mitsubishi Electric always recommends getting your products installed by an authorised Mitsubishi Electric dealer to enjoy the hassle free installation and best performance of the air conditioner.As of now,Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioners are available at more than 600 dealers across India.To locate your nearest dealer,browse through our Authorised Dealers locator.

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