Today, strengthening the cultivation on students’ innovative consciousness, cooperative spirit and engineering practice abilities is a vital reform of higher education. Competitions play a positive role in further developing higher education reform, consolidating basic knowledge education, cultivating comprehensive abilities, integrating theories and practices, etc. for University students through promoting extracurricular scientific and technological activities. Consequently, Mitsubishi Electric India has launched a science and technology competition, "Mitsubishi Electric Cup", the National level competition for factory automation skill for engineering students (including undergraduates and postgraduates) on a yearly basis, offering opportunities for outstanding talents. The competition includes innovative design and application which will be held every year. After successful completion of previous edition in Feb 2018 at Institute of technology, Nirma university Ahmedabad we are geared up for fourth edition of Mitsubishi Electric Cup at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research And Studies , Faridabad.

Mitsubishi Electric has grown to become one of the most respected organizations of the world, with a promise to provide a better life for the generations to come. Its vision is to shape the future through technology that ensures a Digital Industry Through Smart Imagination.

In India, Mitsubishi Electric’s operations were flagged-off in the mid-1950s. Since then, we have grown to become one of the most highly-valued organizations in this country. With the passage of time, we have molded ourselves into the Indian flavor and developed a wide range of innovative and high-quality products for the Indian market. These include air conditioners, visual information systems, photovoltaic (solar) solutions, transportation systems, automotive equipment and industrial automation machinery.

Mitsubishi Electric propagates a responsible attitude towards the environment. Our futuristic vision guides us to create products which are super energy efficient and help create a sustainable future.

For more than 75 years, manufacturers all over the world have relied on Mitsubishi Electric for advanced automation equipment. Mitsubishi Electric helps in bringing higher productivity – and quality – to the factory floor. Today, its automation products are widely used in all walks of life, such as PLC, inverters, servos, CNC, low-voltage electric appliances, industrial robots and other products which have performed well on every corner of Indian industry and have greatly contributed to India’s economic development. Up to now, Mitsubishi Electric India, through CSR activity, has collaborated with various institutes by contributing world class FA training equipment, training to faculty and students, seminar and workshop.


Constantly developing information/artificial intelligence technology has provided traditional manufacturing industry transformation with powerful force for change and technical guarantee. The researches on intelligent manufacturing aim to establish a high flexible, personalized, and digitalized production mode for products and services; while on the other hand, with the approaching of energy crisis and aggravation of environmental pollution, an energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection based green factory have become people's common pursuits. Intelligent future green factory will address the above two issues. Mitsubishi Electric serves the continuous improvement and transformation of India's industry benefiting from its rich technology and products. Therefore, the Competition Organization Committee hopes students can realize intelligent manufacturing and energy saving management system under the guidance of teachers through innovation and by taking use of Mitsubishi Electric's technology platform.

In the Competition, students are required to integrate Mitsubishi Electric's factory automation products (including PLC, servo, inverter and human-machine interface, processing machine, etc.), built up and achieve an analogous system of intelligent manufacturing and energy saving management application, based on e&eco-f@ctory concept and taking e-f@ctory system as the trunk.

The Competition aims to improve college students' engineering application capability, arouse their interests in learning technology, build up innovation capacity and cooperation spirit, as well as improve their self-management ability and communication skills. It is also intended to embody the "learning for practice" ideology, review students' actual manufacturing and commissioning abilities, and meanwhile enhance exchange and cooperation between university and enterprise.

The competition provides a challenging platform for the students to Collaborate, Innovate and Excel in the field of Automation which ultimately contributes to the National Mission of Skill Development.


The Competition primarily embodies three parts, that is, "System Design and Presentation", "Basic Knowledge" and "Good Behaviour". "System Design and Presentation" requires participating teams to focus on the theme of "Digital Industry through Smart Imagination", independently design and produce a complete set of devices / models by using Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products, the control system shall be built up based on e&eco-F@ctory concepts.

As per the theme Digital Industry through Smart Imagination, it is expected to include IoT, interfacing through web based solutions, connectivity with upper layer of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). For example, if machine/model can be operated through mobile phone / or apps running on mobile, indication of overall operational data on Mobile, etc.

e-F@ctory promises enhanced productivity. It makes full use of leading control technologies and network technologies to “visualize” production information, including quantitative and qualitative production data and equipment information, and links production equipment to higher manufacturing execution systems to allow production information to be incorporated into production plans be utilizeds to ensure quality traceability.

eco-F@ctory allows “visible management” of power usage through the introduction of measuring equipment and technologies that support energy conservation efforts by meticulously measuring power usage. It also promotes the effective installation of inverters and other energy saving devices to not only eliminate wastefulness and surges in energy consumption but to reduce overall power usage.

To summarize, e&eco-F@ctory based solutions provide a means to “Measure, Visualise, Reduce and Manage” Energy Usage in the Manufacturing Industry.

Participant can develop enhanced versions of manufacturing processes like packaging, conveying, image processing, bottle filling process, mixing & separating different components, advanced Process control in manufacturing, model for smart building / smart city, innovative equipment for social cause, and many more etc.These are few examples, but participants are encouraged to use their imagination & creativity to develop their model. They are motivated to design an Electro-Mechanical Model Displaying the working of a specific process/part of process with improvement in the conventional systems.

Participants shall bring their own Prototype Machine/Model controlled by Mitsubishi Electric FA Components, together with necessary tools, insulation shoes and computers for debugging. During the competition, participating teams shall demonstrate self-produced system, and provide presentation and defense for the system design and innovations.

Basic set of Mitsubishi Electric FA components (comprising of PLC, HMI and VFD or Servo Drive – Servo Motor set) will be given on returnable basis to the participating institute. All other electro-pneumatic, mechanical, sensor or any other accessary will be in participants/institute’s scope. If any team needs additional Mitsubishi Electric hardware, then institute needs to purchase from authorized Channel partners of MEI or arrange by their own.

For FA components, only Mitsubishi Electric Make FA components are allowed to use.

The basic full score of the competition is 100 points, consisting of "basic knowledge" (5 points) "system design and presentation" (90 points; bonus 5 points other Mitsubishi Electric FA components in addition to standard package are used) and "good behavior" (5 points).

Basic Knowledge

The Basic Knowledge test is a closed-book exam with a limited time. Each team shall independently complete the test with group discussion for consensus answers; the test includes choice and true or false questions.

The Basic Knowledge test involves questions on PLC, Inverters, HMI, Servos and FA network, aiming to examine students' understanding of Mitsubishi Electric products and technologies. The participating teams should learn related knowledge of aforementioned five aspects in advance. Please refer to the Mitsubishi Electric Automation e-learning website:

System Design and Presentation

The System shall be based on Mitsubishi Electric automation products (including low-voltage apparatus), and the major theme is the application of automation system (e&eco-F@ctory). Self-chosen design / production Idea shall focus on the theme of this competition, that is, "Innovative Solutions for Smart Manufacturing". Shortlisted Teams shall prepare a working model of the proposed idea along with the necessary documents under the guidance of faculty adviser to be demonstrated at the competition venue. All the selected teams are required to design their models in an independent and innovative manner.

During the final competition, the selected teams will be judged on the following points:
  1. Design of the Model
  2. Innovation in Idea
  3. System Optimisation
  4. General Safety
  5. System Efficiency
  6. Demonstration of Model
  7. Overall Presentation

Good Behaviour

Participating teams must comply with the discipline and arrangements of the Organizing Committee, the words and deeds should be friendly in a civilized manner.

Coordinating Partner

4th edition of Mitsubishi Electric Cup is arranged in association with Manav Rachna International Institute of Research And Studies(MRIIRS) , Faridabad, Haryana,India. Manav Rachna International Institute of Research And Studies(Deemed to be University) is part of Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) founded in 1997. MREI has grown to become one of the best educational entities in the country and is recognized for excellence in professional education and research. Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, a NAAC accredited ‘A’ grade university, is a continuum of excellence from the Career Institute of Technology and Management (CITM), and was granted ‘Deemed-to be-University’.

Manav Rachna Educational Institutions (MREI) is a visible symbol of knowledge & experience providing high quality education in the fields of Engineering & Technology, Health & Applied Sciences, Management, Computer Applications, Hotel Management, International Programmes, Commerce, Humanities, Media, Architecture, Design and many more.

Mitsubishi Electric FA Component Set:

Mitsubishi Electric FA Component Set will be given to top 35 teams on Returnable Basis till the end of competition.

This will be used to automate their model

Sr. No Model FA Hardware Description Quantity
1 FX5U-32MT/ES PLC FX5U PLC with 16 inputs, 16 outputs, built in Ethernet, Analog I/O, RS485 Modbus, 2 AI, 1 AO, 4 high speed output, and High speed Inputs. 1
2 GS-2107-WTBD HMI 7" GS Type HMI, Touch Screen, Ethernet, RS232, etc. 1
3 FR-D720S -025-EC VFD Inverter, 1Ø 230 VAC input, 3Ø 200 VAC output, 400 W (0.5 HP), 2.5 Amps, Built-in Modbus (Induction Motor is not included) 1
4 MR-JE-20A Servo System Pulse input type servo, 200W, with Servo motor: HG-KN-23J, and necessary cables 1
5 MCBs LVS Set of Two MCBs : 6 Amp and 16 Amp 1 set


  1. If any of selected team requires additional I/O Modules for system developement, then Team can contact to Mitsubishi Electric India Mentor.
  2. This additional FA Hardware must be declared in proposal document